Classically Modern Art and Design by Will Eskridge


Working a full-time art job in between working a full-time day job. This is what happens on my lunch hour…

Originally from Kings Mountain, North Carolina, Will L. Eskridge attended the North Carolina School of the Arts his Senior year of high school and Freshman year of college. Under the direction of Clyde Fowler, Will was exposed to new artists, techniques and materials. With the Visual Arts program at NCSA being only a 2 year program, Will then transferred to School of Visual Arts Savannah branch gaining invaluable illustrative and technical training under Patrick McKay as his primary painting teacher. During this time, he attended his first digital media class which introduced him to the world of digital art. Due to political turmoil between SVA/Savannah and Savannah College of Art & Design which caused SVA to close down, Will transferred finally to San Francisco Art Institute. Exposed to free-thinking and conceptual art by Julia Couzens, Will acquired a vast knowledge of art history, techniques and philosophies. He graduated from SFAI in 1999 and now works as both graphic and fine artist. He has roamed the southeast, setting up shop in Charleston, SC; Kings Mountain, NC and Nashville, TN. He now resides in Athens, GA with his many dogs and cats. Along with art and music, Will also works in canine rescue and has an ongoing restoration of his beloved 1953 Buick.