Classically Modern Art and Design by Will Eskridge


Sneak Peak

A partial of the digital sketch. Actual piece coming soon…


Overhauled Website with online ordering!

complete overhaul of my fine art website.
online ordering now available directly from me.

…I made some Bones.

…I screened my original illustration, “Chomp” onto 100% organic hemp canvas in preparation of my Chomp dog toys. Also “Fishbone” catnip toys are in the works as well. ┬áStay tuned…

…I was scatterbrained

…I finally listed the “Woofman” and “Frank” Horror Pop Prints on Etsy! Just in time for Halloween! I’m working on “Revamp” right now and hope to be done by the weekend.Let me be Frank

…An Alfred found color.

…One of my Alfred paintings found some color. After seeing a 2 month old cat on Georgia SPCA’s facebook page this morning, who happens to look exactly like my Alfred, I decided to finish up one the paintings of him. The paintings are a mix of screen print, collage and painting. I’ve got more of different subjects coming. Text shall be included as well. I love fonts.

…I almost finished FRANK

…I laid the second green down and almost finished “Frank” from my Horror Pop series. Last thing to do is to print the line in the speech bubble.

…I mailed work to Germany

…I mailed “Mix Tape II'” & “Pig” stamping reproductions to a buyer in Munich, Germany. I also finished the screen for “Chomp” graphic for leash racks.